Library and Learning Common Expansion Opens!

Dear Monash Malaysia students,

After several months of intensive transformation and renovation, the Library expansion opened its doors this week offering a much more inviting and engaging space with 20 % additional seating capacity.

When you enter the Library and Learning Commons on the third floor of Building 9 - from the corridor across ITS Service Desk - the “LOUNGE” provides a combination of sofas, ottomans, low chairs, coffee tables and print and “Ask A Librarian” stations. The use of rich fabric tones and wooden furniture creates an atmosphere of warmth and creative energy, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Acknowledging varied learning preferences, you will have a choice between individual and collaborative, quiet and socialspaces. The “LEARN” and “CONTEMPLATE” zones and the individual study alcoves along the corridor have been designed for self-directed learning and research. Power outlets and WIFI are available throughout the new expansion, making it convenient to access Library resources, charge devices and use Monash print options.

Located just beyond the ITS Service Desk, two new collaborative spaces are integral to the Library and Learning Commons expansion. The “CREATE” space – which Engineering students have already adopted as I write this update – and the “ENGAGE” space were designed as informal learning spaces to create, invent, collaborate and work in groups. All facilities are WIFI-enabled.  You will have access to the facilities through an active Monash ID.

If you have not done so yet, I invite you to come discover the much awaited expansion in person. We, at the Library, sincerely hope it will help contribute positively to your academic experience as a Monash student. 

I have one small favour to ask each of you to ensure that the Library and Learning Commons remains a pleasant and effective learning space at all times: keep it clean and tidy, and do not bring or consume any food into library-managed spaces, including the “CREATE” and “ENGAGE” areas.

In response to students’ feedback, I am pleased to announce that the “CREATE” and “ENGAGE” spaces will be accessible every day of the week from 07.00am until regular library closing hours. The LOUNGE, LEARN and CONTEMPLATE zones will follow the regular Library hours.

Warm regards
Isabelle Eula
Library and Learning Commons
Monash University Malaysia


Interim Additional Library Space Plan

Dear students, 


Over the past year, feedback from a range of surveys and consultations has signaled the need to address current and future pressures on the Library and Learning Commons and to improve the student experience. While the library may need to be accommodated in a new building in the future, there is an urgent need to expand library learning spaces in the interim.


Work will therefore commence immediately on providing an additional 210 seats through a combination of individual study space, lounge, printing stations, collaborative space and maker space. This will be done by transforming five classrooms adjacent to the Library in Building 9 Level 3 (9301, 9302, 9303, 9305, 9306) into Library-managed spaces.


The work is scheduled to start on 20 December 2015, with completion anticipated by mid-April 2016. Key dates are as follows:


·         20 December 2015 to 8 January 2016: Demolishing work.

·         10 January - early April 2016, with two-week interruption during Chinese New Year (6 to 22 February 2016): Fit-out and signage work. 

·         Early April 2016 (one week): Cleanup.


Please note that from 20 December 2015 – April 2016, access to the Library’s entrance at Building 9 Level 3 will be closed until further notice. The only access will be through the Library’s Main Entrance at Level 1.


In parallel, another refurbishment project will be carried out at the Library’s Level 1 to create an integrated Information Services Desk while providing additional lounge seating and an Express terminal station. The renovation works will be completed by 1 March 2016.


All Library services and operations will remain uninterrupted throughout the duration of the works.



Best regards,

Professor Helen Bartlett

President and Pro Vice-Chancellor

Monash University Malaysia 



Postgraduate Lounge Facilities

Dear Postgraduate Students,

As fellow students, we understand the stress and workload that you can be under, at times. Sometimes, a little destressing session can help. We’re always looking for ways to bring a little cheer into your life. 


In case you didn’t know (yet), the Postgraduate Lounge is located at Building 6B, Level 4 (Room 6-4-52) and is open to all postgraduate students. You are free to use the lounge to chill (no netflix), socialise and relax. There are couches, a TV, DVD player (Home Theatre System), a PS4, board games, magazine subscriptions and a coffee machine among other things for you to use.


Today, we’re happy to announce the revamped booking system for certain Postgraduate Lounge equipment. Previously, usage of the TV, DVD player and PS4 required prior booking. Starting from today, these equipments are free to use on a first come first served basis. The PS4 controllers and games are kept in a safe in the lounge. We will post the safe combination weekly on the MUPA Facebook page. The newly purchased board games are also free to use. You can grab them from the shelf next to the couch within the glass enclosure.



In conjunction with our lounge upgrade, we’ve also purchased some new games and 2 more PS4 controllers (4 in total) for your enjoyment. The full list of PS4 games are:
  • FIFA 15
  • NBA2K15
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • Hell divers
  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes
  • EA Sports UFC
The new board games include:
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Uno Stacko
  • Uno cards
  • Chess and checkers
  • Monopoly deal
We only ask for your cooperation to keep the items back in the safe after you’re done with them and to charge the PS4 controllers if necessary. The Postgraduate Lounge is also equipped with 24 Hours CCTV surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of all postgraduate students. As access to the Postgraduate Lounge is restricted to only postgraduate students via a key card access system, we would like to request for your cooperation in ensuring that access is only provided to authorized users of the postgraduate space. 
Should you have any problems regarding access to the Postgraduate Lounge, please inform and we would look into the issues you face regarding access to the Postgraduate Lounge.
Thats it! We hope that you enjoy the lounge as a social space for all postgraduate students and have a great week ahead :)



Dear postgraduates, 


On behalf of the election committee, we hereby announce the closure of the re-nomination period for MUPA General Election 2015.


Please find the declaration of the results for the MUPA General Election 2015 as below. The elected students will hold office officially from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.


We hope that they will continue to strengthen MUPA as a student representative body for all postgraduates. Please join us in congratulating the next MUPA Council of 2016! Congratulations to all :)) 






 MONASH Gym- Re opening

Dear postgraduates,

Our very own Monash Gym after a hiatus is back on and working superbly, it is now managed by FitWorx, and is still free of charge to students.




Dear postgraduates,


The current Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) Executive committee headed by Mr. Chua Wen-Shyan have done an incredible job in providing students with fun-filled memories through the seminars, activities and meet-ups that were organized. This has brought all the postgraduates from different schools under one umbrella to get along with each other. We hope every one of you enjoyed the events conducted by the committee.


Now their tenure is ending and a new MUPA Executive Committee needs to step in to replace the outgoing MUPA members. We hope the new committee members to continue the same and to make the association livelier.


Therefore, we would like to announce the start of the MUPA General Elections for 2015.


All interested Honors and Postgraduates from different schools are encouraged to apply for these positions, as a nominee. [Except staff (academic, research or administrative) members whom are enrolled in postgraduate courses/diplomas]


All together there are 20 positions available:


       Vice-Presidents (2 positions)


       Treasurers (2 positions)

       Activity Managers (2 positions)

       Welfare Executives (2 positions)

       Publicity & Media Executives (3 positions)

       School Representatives (1 position per school)


       Information Technology



       Arts and Social Science




Important Dates:

Nomination period: 5th – 9th October (latest 12pm) 2015

Polling date and time: 12 - 13th October 2015

Polling Venue: Postgraduate Lounge from 10am-3pm

Announcement of results: 14th October 2015


Note: If the candidates are uncontested, there will be no polling and the results of the new committee will be announced on 10th October 2015


Nomination forms are available as attached. For more information about the Election guidelines, please refer to our MUPA Elections Regulations (document link


Each candidate must complete the form in which you are allowed to submit either hard or soft copy (e.g. scanned form), attached along with 2 passport size photos (photos can be soft copy)


Soft copy submission: Please email to Nazirul or Stephanie (including soft copy of photos). Email address as below.


Hard copy submission: Please drop into the assignment drop box number R110 in Building 6B Level 5. This drop box is securely locked and is opened from 6th Oct 12pm until 9th Oct 12pm.


All filled forms must be submitted by 12pm on 9th October 2015.


For more information, please contact:

Nazirul (Returning Officer) –

Stephanie (Deputy Returning Officer) –




SUTAR Trekathon 2015 - Run with Nature

Dear Students!

University Tunku Abdul Rahman is proud to present UTAR Trekathon annual event for 2015, run with nature. The event is a fund raiser for the UTAR Sports Exchange Program. Participants are encouraged to run 6 km and there would be prizes for those who finish first.


Time : 8:00 Am

Venue : Wetland Park Putrajaya

Date : 15 November 2015

Ticket :  40 rm if bought before 23rd Oct, 45 rm if purchased after 23rd Oct.

Students need to download THIS FORM, fill it and submit it to the address given in the form.

For any Queries Student may visit :





SOS - Save U and Me

Dear Students!

The welfare and safety of all of us is paramount, technology may be considered both a blessing and a curse but with SOS app, technology becomes a blessing and it just may end up saving us from a spot of bother. This application aims to utilize the power of the public, to complement the existing reporting of emergency and non-emergency situations via phone calls to the first responders such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers. In case of emergency, the user can trigger for help efficiently and effectively via a touch of the SOS button.

Alerts will be sent automatically at once, to other geographically close users, user-defined emergency contacts as well as the first responders so that immediate help can be expected. Why wait for the authority if every one of us can be a ranger; to lend a hand whenever needed, to make a difference whenever we can.

Some of the features of this app are :

SOS under emergency

Ask for help via a touch of the SOS button whenever you are in danger or see someone under emergency.

Everyone is a Rescuer

Surrounding users who are geographically within reach will be alerted to the emergency.

One-touch Communication

One touch of SOS button will send an automatic alert to surrounding users, preset family and friends and the authorities.

Speedy Action

Your GPS location with optional visual and textual evidence of the crime scene will be sent in a split of a second.

For more information please click HERE


Purchase a "MyRapid Integrated 30 Days" Transit card to Enjoy unlimited Rides!

Dear Postgraduate Students


Following is a message from our CAMPUS

Monash Malaysia students can avail the "TnG Rapidpass Pelajar Integrated 30 Days" at a discounted rate of RM 100 for local Malaysian students, and RM 125 for International students.

With this card students would be able to use BRT, Rapid KL LRT, Rapid KL bus and Monorail. 

Students may apply for "TnG Rapidpass Pelajar Integrated 30 Days" at either Sun-U Monash BRT Station on Mondays to Friday between 10 am to 4 pm OR at Pasar Seni Bus Hub Concession Counter on Mondays to Saturday betwen 9 am to 5 pm.


Sun Gym Registration for Monash Post Graduates


Dear Postgraduate Students,


Hope you are having a good day. As you are aware, SunGym (located at Sun-U Residence) is a new gym facility at Sunway University and the gym is open for both Sunway and Monash students. To apply for membership Monash students need an acknowledgment slip. 


MUPA has been given the responsibility to manage the requests made by our Postgraduates for access to Sun-Gym for membership registration. 


All you have to do is to fill out the google form AVAILABLE HERE 


You would be contacted by MUPA via email on allotting a time slot on the following Wednesday between 3-4 pm (from the date you fill in the google form) to collect your approved acknowledgment slip. All students are required to present their Monash Student ID upon receiving approved acknowledgement slip for verification purposes. 


After receiving your approved acknowledgement slip, you may present your Monash student ID and slip at Sun-Gym to register for your membership at Sun-Gym.




Details of membership packages can be found via the google form link above or through the management of the SunGym. 


For any further enquiries, please contact 


Changes in Mobile Devices Loan Timings

Dear Postgraduate Students!

 library users can now loan the mobile devices for a maximum of 5 hours. The change in the procedure has been communicated in the LLC's News & Event, LLC community use rules and the same message will be posted in all the LLC desktops.




Safety And Parking Information For Those Working Late On Campus


Dear Postgraduate Students,
MUPA recently had a discussion with the Campus Security Manager, Mr. Sammugam regarding the safety and security of students and we are pleased to inform you that the Visitors Parking area (next to the Guard Post at the Eastern Car Park) will be open for parking from 5pm to 12am from Monday to Friday on a first come first served basis. PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to remove their vehicles by 12am to ensure that the Visitors Parking is vacated before the next working day. Students working till late hours on campus or those required to attend evening classes are encouraged to park at this space from 5pm to 12am. 
In light of the ongoing construction around campus, we would also like to advise students planning to stay late on campus to approach the Security Post at the Main Entrance should you require any assistance to reach your vehicles at the respective car parks (Eastern and Western).
Students are also advised and encouraged to inform the Security Post at the Main Entrance should you require any advice on the safest routes for travelling back to your homes at the late hours. MUPA is aware of the safety issues that have been exacerbated recently by various constructions and are working closely with the campus to find solutions.


Should you require any further information or would like to provide your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact



MyMentor logo Design Competition


Dear Postgraduate Students!
MyMentor is looking for a visual identity and you are invited to design a creative, innovation and professional logo. It is a mentoring program initiated by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and participated by three leading international universities based in Malaysia (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Monash University Malaysia & the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus). The program aims to develop research by both the Mentor and Mentee, with the objective of producing high quality research outputs that are sustainable in the future. It also aids the Mentee’s career development.
The awards given for this competition are detailed as follow:
Overall Winner - RM1,000
Most Popular   - RM500 
All entries should be emailed to no later than 5 pm on 20th November 2015, Friday. 
For full details on this competition, please do refer to the link provided below.
For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact



Sub-Committee Recruitment Drive 2015



Here’s your chance to turn your thoughts and voices into actions. MUPA proudly announces the launch of Sub-Committee Recruitment Drive 2015 and you are highly encouraged to join our team.


The three available departments to join are:

     1) Activities department (Head: Activities Managers)

     2) Publicity and Media department (Head: Publicity Executives and Editor)

     3) Welfare department (Head: Welfare Officers)



For more information on the departments and their main tasks (which involves the duties of the Heads of Department), please visit  



Register now, tell us your department(s) of preference and get called in for an interview.


Register Here:


Hurry up! Slots Limited! And we hope to have you in our team! 


Exemption of medical examination for student Pass renewal 

MUPA Publicity, posted on Oct 9th, 2014

Dear International Students,

Effective October 1st 2014, all International students are exempted from health examination when submitting application for student pass renewal.

Effective October 1st 2014, i-kad (identity card recognized by law enforcement agencies) will be issued to all international students upon endorsement of student pass. The validity of the i-kad follows the validity period of your student pass, and will be renewed annually. RM 50 will be charged to issue an i-kad.


1. Does this affect the student pass renewal timeline?
A: No. ISP still requires you to start the application process for student pass renewal 12 weeks before the expiry of your pass. ISP may revise the renewal timeline in the future if necessary.

2. Do I still pay the same amount as before?
A: No. Student Pass renewal will be RM200 cheaper, effective October 1st 2014.

3. I renewed my student pass last month. Can I apply for an i-kad too?
A: No. i-kad will only be issued for new renewals only. You need to wait for the next renewal cycle to receive your i-kad.

4. I need more information about the new process. Who should I contact?
A: If you require further information, please drop by ISP Counter 8 (Building C2, Level 1) or contact ISP unit via email ( 
You may also contact MUPA Secretary ( if you require any clarification


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